Sherpa Strategic was founded with the belief that companies needed more collaborative, quietly capable advisors — backed by the right team, not just the available team — in order to successfully see innovations through to execution.

Product, service and channel development activities are vital to driving growth and meaningful differentiation.  It’s a mode companies experience infrequently at best, so the skills and experience necessary for success are often outside the comfort zone of the staff who are responsible for achieving cycles of increasing efficiency.

conversationThere’s also the too-frequent challenge of a rough transition between the energized conceptual team fresh off an ideation or problem solving session, and the operational team that has to make the concept work on a day-to-day basis.

A writer and master facilitator both by training and by nature, SSI founder Marc Bertaud understands the power of design thinking, visuals and story in communicating potential — backed by the practical business experience and top-tier academic skills to manage the risks inherent to innovation programs.  Sherpa supports a cohesive and holistic approach to engagement and communications, while steering clear of the glitz and drama that can cloud the fundamentals driving the business case you’re accountable for.

The successful approach needs to be a side-by-side effort, the joint output of a visionary leader on the client side who is supported by a practiced and committed guide that’s capable of carrying the load… and who knows when to step up, and when to step back.

It requires a global network of experts and specialists who are accustomed to working together, tested and proven under the most demanding of circumstances.

It demands a Sherpa.